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Covast B2B Suite for Logistics & Distribution

Logistics and distribution can be described as the bridge that connects the production floor to the customer's hands. But, this bridge is made up of an overwhelmingly complex series of ordering, fulfillment, transportation and payment processing activities that must be conducted with laser precision.

The Covast B2B Suite for Logistics & Distribution helps your company manage these business activities by integrating all B2B systems and communications onto a single integration platform, such as Microsoft BizTalk Server or IBM WebSphere. Covast's solutions allow you to conduct and manage B2B communications and immediately respond to changes in supplier, partner and customer demands.

Benefits of the Covast B2B Suite for Logistics & Distribution include:

  • Faster responsiveness to supplier, partner and customer demands. Through real-time visibility of all B2B communications from a single integration platform, Covast allows companies to quickly identify and execute critical logistics, order and payment changes.

  • Ability to support and integrate with various supplier and distributor systems. Covast solutions facilitate easy and fast integration with all of your supplier and distribution communication systems.

  • Ease of use for maximum supply chain flexibility and responsiveness. The Covast B2B Suite for Logistics & Distribution allows companies to quickly add new trading partners, protocols and documents as required. Better yet, Covast's solutions are designed to be used by non-developer/non-programmer resources. This allows you to quickly and easily tailor your solution to fit your ever-changing B2B communication and integration needs.

  • Comprehensive support of all B2B standards and protocols. Covast supports all B2B communication standards and protocols. No matter what industry you are serving, Covast can support your trading partner communication needs.

  • Secured, controlled communication. The B2B Suite for Logistics & Distribution enables companies to communicate with all trading partners in a secure and controlled way, thus ensuring communication integrity and reliability.