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Achieve Enterprise Integration Quickly, Easily with Covast's Suite of B2B Integration Solutions

B2B integration is no longer an option for today's businesses - it's critical. The demand for more efficient, collaborative operations has made the single integration platform a cornerstone for modern IT strategies. But, some legacy systems, such as EDI solutions, present a challenge for business integration. They're simply too complex and costly to integrate.

The Covast suite of B2B integration solutions overcomes these challenges. Covast's solutions are designed to facilitate fast, cost-effective integration of complex B2B applications and systems into your single platform environment. Covast extends the basic B2B integration capabilities of today's platforms to create a complete, fully-integrated B2B solution.

Covast industry-focused solutions are comprised of the following products:

  • The AS2 Adapters for BizTalk Server for the EDI Accelerator provides the means to connect, deliver, validate and reply to data in a secure and reliable way.

  • The Covast ebMS Adapter for Microsoft BizTalk Server has been designed and built as a set of pipeline, configuration and monitoring components integrated fully in the BizTalk Server architecture.

  • The Map Accelerator for BizTalk Server and the Map Accelerator for IBM WebSphere is an automated solution to migrate legacy EDI systems to two of the most widely deployed single integration platform environments: Microsoft BizTalk Server and IBM WebSphere.
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