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Covast understands the fast pace of today's energy and utility industry. To survive in an increasingly global marketplace, companies must maintain a high level of agility to keep up with changing supply chain demands and industry regulations.

Many of the world's largest energy and gas companies turn to Covast to overcome this challenge. Designed specifically for energy and utility companies, the Covast B2B Suite for Energy & Utility enables total B2B integration on a variety of single platform environments, including Microsoft BizTalk Server and IBM WebSphere. Covast's robust, vertically-focused integration capabilities extend the capabilities of traditional integration platforms to meet even the most complex business requirements.

Using the B2B Suite for Energy & Utility, companies can integrate all B2B systems for maximum operational efficiency, while improving the reliability and security for communications with customers, suppliers and partners. Benefits include:

  • Management of and insight to all B2B communication through a single integration platform. Improve operational efficiency by enabling real-time visibility of all external B2B communications and activities by maximizing the capabilities of your single integration platform.

  • Reliable support of all B2B standards and protocols. The Covast solution supports all B2B communication standards and protocols used in the Energy & Utility vertical - allowing you to conduct business on a truly global scale.

  • Secured, controlled communication. The B2B Suite for Energy & Utility enables companies to communicate with all trading partners in a secure and controlled way, thus ensuring communication integrity and reliability.

  • Ability to quickly add new trading partners. Covast's solutions are designed to be used by non-developer/non-programmer resources. This allows you to further tailor your solution to fit your precise B2B communication and integration needs - quickly and easily.