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Covast B2B Suite for Automotive

The automotive industry is unlike any other. With a highly complex supply chain and global marketplace, automotive suppliers and manufacturers are constantly optimizing operations to reduce manufacturing costs, advance quality and improve forecasting.

The Covast B2B Suite for Automotive allows today's automotive companies to integrate B2B systems and communications onto a single integration platform. Covast supports the just-in-time manufacturing environments of automotive leaders by enabling real-time handling of supplier, partner and customer transactions. Whether integrated onto Microsoft BizTalk Server or IBM WebSphere, Covast supports all industry protocols and standards for B2B communication.

Benefits of the Covast B2B Suite for Automotive include:

  • Comprehensive support of all automotive B2B standards and protocols. Covast supports all B2B communication standards and protocols used in the automotive industry, including ODETTE, (Global) EDIFACT, VDA, X.12 and XML messages.

  • Simplified B2B integration for supply chain flexibility. The Covast B2B Suite for Automotive allows companies to quickly add new trading partners for optimum supply chain flexibility. Covast's solutions are designed to be used by non-developer/non-programmer resources, allowing companies to quickly and easily tailor the solution to support the evolving demands of all trading partners.

  • Increased supply chain visibility and operational efficiency. Through a single integration platform, Covast allows you to maximize operational efficiency and supply chain visibility. Companies can immediately gain access to real-time visibility of all external B2B communications and activities. As a result, business process management and business activity monitoring can be conducted to help minimize operational costs.