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AS2 Adapter for Microsoft BizTalk Server

The Covast AS2 Adapter for Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004 has been implemented as a BizTalk Adapter.

The outbound AS2 traffic is handled by allocating the AS2 Adapter as a transport on any Send Port defined in Visual Studio in the BizTalk Explorer. This provides the signing, encrypting, compressing and sending of outbound messages to the AS2 recipient.

Inbound AS2 traffic is managed by a Windows 2000 \ 2003 Service that can handle multiple AS2 connections at a time. This Service is responsible for checking the digital signatures of the senders, decrypting, decompressing and submitting the received messages through a receive port / pipeline to the BizTalk Server Message Box for further processing. The Adapter also takes care of handling the Message Disposition Notifications (MDNs) to be sent back to the originator of the messages and correlation of received MDN’s.