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VDA Message Definitions

From this page you can download all electronically available VDA messages. Select the directory you want to download messages from, save your message of choice to your machine and unzip the file to Covast's ..\Import directory. Next, import the file with the 'Repositories too:' checkbox ticked.

For most VDA document definitions, we have pre-set the special actions on the following fields in the first segment:

Daten-Empfaenger-Nummer, if present - service register Recipient Identification
Daten-Sender-Nummer, if present - service register Sender Identification
Uebertragungs-Nummer-Neu - service register Interchange Reference
Uebertragungs-Datum - service register Date (Interchange)

For the document definitions listed below, however, we cannot pre-set the special actions for sender and recipient identification. The reason being, that these documents do not have specific fields for the sender and the recipient in the first segment. Instead, they have two other fields:

Kunden-Nummer (third element)
Lieferanten-Nummer (fourth element)

Since it depends on your company role (i.e. you are the sender or the recipient), you will need to set the special actions on the above fields yourself for the following document definitions:


Please click here to download instructions on how to set special

Important note: These files are provided 'as is': We do not accept any responsibility for the contents of these files.

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