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ODETTE Message Definitions

From this page you can download all electronically available ODETTE messages. Select the directory you want to download messages from, save your message of choice to your machine and unzip the file to Covast's ..\Import directory. Next, import the file with the 'Repositories too:' checkbox ticked.

Please note that message definitions from the ODETTE 1997, ODETTE 1999 and ODETTE 2000 directories don't have a value set in the 'controlling agency' field. After importing a message definition from these directories, you will need to insert your value on its General tab.

Important note: These files are provided 'as is': We do not accept any responsibility for the contents of these files.

Directory shortcuts

Directory ODETTE Old

Directory ODETTE 1997 (based on EDIFACT D.96A)

Directory ODETTE 1999 (based on EDIFACT D.96A)

Directory ODETTE 2000 (based on EDIFACT D.98B)