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EANCOM Message Definitions

From this page you can download all electronically available EANCOM messages. Select the directory you want to download messages from, save your message of choice to your machine and unzip the file to Covast's ..\Import directory. Next, import the file with the 'Repositories too:' checkbox ticked.

At this moment, EANCOM messages are stored in the EDIFACT Generic Format folder. As a consequence of this, importing, for example, the EANCOM ORDERS D.93A message in a configuration that already contains the EDIFACT ORDERS D.93A message will overwrite the segments, elements and code sets of that EDIFACT message. In a future release, EANCOM messages will have their own Generic Format folder. Until then, Covast strongly recommends that you don't use EANCOM and EDIFACT messages belonging to the same directory side by side.

Important note: These files are provided 'as is': We do not accept any responsibility for the contents of these files.

Directory shortcuts

Directory EANCOM 94 (based on EDIFACT D.93A)

Directory EANCOM 97 (based on EDIFACT D.96A)