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Covast Partner Program

Every day, Covast turns to a select team of superior technology and system integration partners to help distribute and implement our products and services. As a core facet of our unbeatable customer service and technology approach, our partners represent a worldwide network of the most respected technology and system integration vendors in the industry.

So, what makes Covast's Partner Program unique? Our partners, of course. Covast teams with industry leaders that are dedicated to being a trusted advisor to our customers - in other words, our partners forge relationships that go well beyond the sale and implementation. By putting our focus is on delivering a high level of rapid ROI to each and every customer, Covast partners become an integral part of each customer's business strategy.

Each partner has the backup of the Covast support organization with pre-sales, technicians and R&D personnel. Our partners are experienced and knowledgeable experts in EAI, B2B and traditional EDI. With Covast, they are capable of supplying a wide range of services, from providing our software products to delivering complete turnkey integration solutions.

If you are interested in becoming a strategic partner in the Covast Partner Program, please Contact us.

In addition to our Technology Partners, the Covast Partner Program consists of three levels: Platinum, Global, Regional, Vertical & Consulting. Participating companies receive support, training and assistance in the following areas:

  • Business Development: This includes business planning support, planning review sessions, funnel forecasting assistance and access to resources for joint sales efforts.

  • Marketing: We support our partners' marketing activities through innovative co-marketing initiatives, availability of pre-sales resources, marketing consulting assistance and support for Webcasts.

  • Product Support: Covast partners benefit from our dedicated inside and outbound support team, product roadmap development assistance, access to beta versions of our products, and special online product-specific resources and documentation.