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Covast and Vali make ebXML messaging even easier for Norwegian organizations

08.12.2010 Rotterdam, The Netherlands - Covast, gold certified global B2B Microsoft partner, and Vali, application integration partner of Microsoft Norway, officially announced a vertical consultancy and implementation partnership. This joining of forces brings a much easier approach to ebXML communication in Norway. As a result, Norwegian organizations and public institutions can now benefit from ebXML messaging with Microsoft integration technology - BizTalk Server, while experiencing easy, expert implementation and top consultancy services.

ebXML (electronic business using eXtensible Markup Language) is the B2B communication standard that provides the possibility of exchanging business information and data in the most secure and reliable way. It is now the communication standard of choice of many global organizations, industry sector initiatives and governmental projects. Norway is one of the leading pioneers when it comes to ebMS (ebXML Messaging Service) usage, especially in the public healthcare network.

As BizTalk Server cannot cope with ebXML just by itself, there have been numerous attempts to implement ebMS with BizTalk Server by using complicated external solutions, resulting in a rather unnatural outcome that makes it quite difficult to work with.

Now there is no need for such complicated solutions as Covast released the ebXML/ebMS Adapter for Microsoft BizTalk Server. The Adapter is the only Microsoft recommended and sponsored solution for ebXML messaging with BizTalk Server. It has been designed and built, at the request of Microsoft, as a combination of pipeline, configuration and monitoring components perfectly integrated in BizTalk\'s architecture, thus taking full advantage of the manageability and scalability of the BizTalk Server platform and, in the same time, assuring an easy implementation. To make the work even easier, the latest version of the ebXML/ebMS Adapter has a CPA/CPP editor and a new, enhanced, user friendly graphic interface.

After the successful implementation of the ebMS Adapter at Helse Vest, Covast and Vali decided to join their efforts in order to provide the Norwegian market with the easiest implementation experience of the most elegant solution for ebXML communication currently available.

\"It was very clear to us that such a solution can make a difference for all organizations that require ebXML messaging. The alternatives that we have dealt with up until now were quite inefficient in terms of resources and working processes. The ebMS Adapter is a completely integrated part of BizTalk Server and radically simplifies the management of the whole messaging system. We are very happy to bring our contribution to eliminating the compromises that were needed to be made in the interest of security and reliability in B2B communication and to support the implementation of the ebXML Message Service Adapter in Norway.\" - Terje Halvorsen, CEO Vali

\"The Norwegian market for ebXML messaging is one of the strongest in the world at the moment. Therefore, we were very careful in selecting the right company that can support us by delivering high quality consultancy services to our current and future customers and thus help us in establishing a strong presence in the Norwegian business-to-business communication and integration scene. We are very confident in our ebMS Adapter for Microsoft BizTalk Server and in the way it can enhance the secure and reliable data exchange between parties and now, with a partner like Vali by our side, we have all the right premises to improve the working experience and reduce the costs to all the organizations that require ebXML messaging and opt for Microsoft technology. \" - Daan Scheer, CEO Covast.

The ebXML Message Service Adapter is certified by the Norwegian Center for Informatics in Health and Social Care (KITH) and it is compatible with BizTalk Server 2006 R2, 2009 and 2010. More information about the Adapter can be found by visiting or by requesting the 30 day free trial, together with a complete documentation, at

About Vali
Vali is a competence center of well experienced consultants. We focus on Microsoft technology and have one of the leading specialist environment of BizTalk Architects and developers in Norway. Vali AS is certified and application integration partner of Microsoft.

Through years of experience with integration projects we have created a development suite that consist of components, framework, methodology and best - practices on Microsoft BizTalk Server and integration technology.

About Covast
Covast is a leading provider of business-to-business integration solutions and is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Covast focuses exclusively on the Microsoft Application Platform which supports products such as BizTalk Server, SharePoint Server and SQL Server. The company has its own experts who also advise Microsoft in the further development of these products. Covast maintains its European headquarters in the Netherlands and its U.S. headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information, visit

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