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ebXML Message Service Adapter for Microsoft BizTalk Server certified by the Norwegian Center for Informatics in Health and Social Care

Capelle aan den Ijssel, The Netherlands, April 24, 2010 - ebXML (electronic business using eXtenible Markup Language) is the B2B communication standard elected by the Norwegian health and social care system to be the main mean of exchanging medical and demographic data due to its reliable and secure way of delivering messages. As BizTalk Server cannot work with the ebXML standard just by itself, Covast, the gold certified, global B2B partner of Microsoft has designed the ebXML Message Service Adapter which is currently the only Microsoft recommended and sponsored solution for ebMS (ebXML Message Service) implementation.

The Norwegian Center for Informatics in Health and Social Care (KITH) has now completed the interoperability and compatibility testing of the ebMS Adapter with all the specifications and particular requirements of the healthcare messaging system. Due to the favorable test results, the Covast solution for ebXML messaging is now certified by KITH and it is recognized as the best way of implementing ebXML communication with BizTalk Server for the Norwegian health and social care sector.

Until now, many institutions have approached the ebXML messaging issue with external solutions that required a complicated working manner and the use of extra resources. There is no more need for such solutions as the ebMS Adapter has been designed and built, at the request of Microsoft, as a combination of pipeline, configuration and monitoring components perfectly integrated in BizTalk Server\'s architecture, thus taking full advantage of the manageability and scalability of the BizTalk Server platform and, in the same time, assuring an easy implementation. The ebMS Adapter is compatible with both 2006 R2 and 2009 versions of BizTalk Server and, as it is payload agnostic, it enables the messaging of different file formats. Other functionalities, like the CPA/CPP editor and a database archiving function have been added together with a brand new user friendly graphic interface in order to improve the working experience.

"The KITH certification is yet another confirmation of the fact that the ebMXL Messaging Service Adapter can comply and easily adapt to all the specific requirements of different initiatives worldwide in which the ebXML standard is used in a variety of ways. The certification also recognizes the potential and the contribution the ebMS Adapter has on improving the healthcare information and communication systems,&guot; - Daan Scheer, founder and CEO of Covast.

More information about the ebMS Adapter for Microsoft BizTalk Server can be found by visiting and downloading the 30 day free trial version of the software, together with a complete documentation detailing all the functionalities of the product.

About Covast
Covast is a leading provider of business-to-business integration solutions and is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Covast focuses exclusively on the Microsoft Application Platform which supports products such as BizTalk Server, SharePoint Server and SQL Server. The company has its own experts who also advise Microsoft in the further development of these products. Covast maintains its European headquarters in the Netherlands and its U.S. headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. For more information, visit

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