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motion10's Gijsbert in 't Veld receives Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award for the fifth time

Rotterdam 04/15/2010 - motion10's CTO & Principal Consultant Gijsbert in 't Veld cannot be dethroned! For the fifth year in a row, the BizTalk Server specialist and business integrator receives the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award.

Michiel Rozema, responsible for BizTalk Server at Microsoft Netherlands is very pleased with Gijsbert: "We provide the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Awards to exceptional technical professionals with a valuable contribution to the further development of our technologies. Gijsbert in 't Veld has many contributions to BizTalk Server, not only the creation of new technology applications, but also presenting solutions to users and BizTalk professionals. We regularly use Gijsbert's expertise and we would like to congratulate him warmly on his renewed MVP status."

Currently, Gijsbert mainly focuses on the Enterprise Service Bus for SharePoint. According to him, companies that use SharePoint cannot escape from using Microsoft's BizTalk. In the beginning of April, In 't Veld presented his white paper on the connection of SharePoint to an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), focused on Microsoft Biztalk technology.

"When you use SharePoint for more than just sharing documents and collaborating, you encounter restrictions on data access and manageability. Despite the progress of standardization, every implementation is unique. We do have standards for formats and protocols, but in the last few years we have not managed to move forward on the content. Hence the need for an 'interlude', an ESB such as BizTalk, which provides the links in a flexible way through web services and other protocols and which changes SharePoint into a universal user interface which is well manageable and scalable," said in 't Veld who along with white papers also maintain blogs, gives presentations and seminars. This autumn, 'BizTalk Server 2010 Unleashed', a book for BizTalk developers is released, whose technical editor is Gijsbert in 't Veld.

About motion10
motion10 is specialized in integrating digital information from multiple sources. By integrating information, the company enables easy access and helps to extract more value from the data. As a result of this optimal integration, business processes connect better to one another, processes run better, their management becomes easier and costs will be reduced. Thanks to in-depth experience with sophisticated integrations (hundreds of BizTalk Server implementations) motion10 is able to resolve the complexity of IT environments. Based on Microsoft Application Platform technology - BizTalk, SharePoint and SQL Server (BI) - motion10 help organizations to accomplish a robust, future-proof IT environment.

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motion10's Gijsbert in 't Veld receives Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award for the fifth time


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