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Covast B2B Integration Solution Helps JDF Distribution Maintain Customer Service Commitment, Differentiate From Competition

ATLANTA - July 25, 2006 - Covast, a leading provider of business-to-business (B2B) integration solutions for the logistics and distribution industry, today reports that JDF Distribution is using the Covast B2B Suite for Logistics and Distribution to help maintain its position as a top third-party logistics (3PL) service provider serving the southwestern U.S. The flexibility, ease-of-use and affordability of Covast's B2B integration solution have allowed JDF Distribution to meet the electronic data interchange (EDI) integration requirements of one of its largest customers. Just as important, JDF Distribution is now able to provide customers all of the benefits of custom tailored 3PL services, while having the IT infrastructure of a global provider.
"One of the reasons that our clients choose a niche company like JDF Distribution is because they need a 3PL service provider flexible enough to meet their specific needs and customer-centric enough to ensure quality services. We want to be sure our clients have the best of both worlds - the customized services of a niche 3PL with the technology capabilities of our larger competition," said Kevin Tarpley, director of distribution, JDF Distribution.

Recently, one of JDF Distribution's largest customers decided to expand their presence in the southwestern U.S. However, in order to do this, they required JDF Distribution to interface with their order fulfillment and warehouse management system. In accordance with its commitment to offer customized, flexible 3PL services, JDF Distribution began its search for a B2B integration solution that would help meet their customer's requirements.

After evaluating several solutions, JDF Distribution selected Covast because it was the only solution on the market that allowed them to meet the company's B2B integration goals without having to rework its IT infrastructure. These requirements included:

  • Easy to use, Quick to Deploy: With limited IT resources, JDF Distribution did not want or have time to learn all the complexities of B2B integration and EDI. They needed a B2B integration solution that could be up and running quickly. Covast provided a turn-key solution that could be implemented in a few short weeks and allowed them to get information to and from their customer easily.
  • Adaptable: The requirements of JDF Distribution's clients are ever-changing. The company needed a solution that was flexible enough to easily grow with both the company's needs and their customers' requirements.
  • Affordable: JDF Distribution could not justify the cost of a higher-priced system since their B2B transaction volume was unpredictable. They needed a system that was relatively inexpensive, but scalable enough to support higher transaction volumes as their business evolved.
  • Microsoft Compatible: As a Microsoft shop, JDF Distribution required a compatible solution. Covast's solution "snaps into" both BizTalk Server and Visual Studio and uses SQL Server as its database, allowing JDF Distribution to choose a solution that was familiar and simple to deploy.

"Covast understands that flexibility is king in the logistics and distribution industry. You have to be able to accommodate your customers' demands, but in a cost-effective and quick manner. Our B2B integration solutions are built on these principles, making Covast the integration partner of choice with many of the world's largest logistics and distribution companies," said Daan Scheer, CEO, Covast.

To learn more about the Covast B2B Suite for Logistics and Distribution, please visit

About Covast

Covast is a leading provider of business-to-business integration solutions for collaborative business environments. The company provides integration solutions that bridge the gap between legacy electronic data interchange (EDI) applications and today's new Internet standards. The suite of products that Covast offers is designed to facilitate fast and cost-effective business-to-business integration with single platform environments, such as those supported by Microsoft BizTalk Server and IBM WebSphere. Covast is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and an IBM Business Partner. With its European headquarters in the Netherlands and its U.S. headquarters in Atlanta, Covast has strategic relationships with partners and customers including GXS, Accenture, EDS, HP, Citrix and Siemens. For more information, visit

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