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Jon Stotts
iWay Software

Jean Barnes
Covast Corporation

iWay Software Partners with Covast Corporation
Companies help B2B customers connect to virtually
any type of data, system, application or platform

ATLANTA – March 13, 2002 – iWay Software, an Information Builders company that accelerates e-business integration, and Covast Corporation, provider of integration broker software that enables connectivity in weeks or even days, today announced a strategic alliance to improve data exchange for B2B commerce. Covast will use the iWay Software Enterprise Adapter Suite to extend its transformation capabilities and help customers connect virtually any type of data, system, application or platform.

Covast eCommunity Builder is designed for businesses with complex B2B integration challenges and simplifies the transformation and sharing of information with customers, supply chains and internal systems. The combination of eCommunity Builder and iWay Software makes it easy for customers to connect front-office applications to Web services, and back-office applications to partners and suppliers. iWay Software provides more than 140 adapters on more than 35 different platforms.

“iWay’s extensive knowledge of packaged applications and legacy platforms is the key reason we decided to forge this relationship,” said Jim Norton, executive vice president and general manager of Covast Corporation. “Its adapter software eliminates nearly all of the custom coding required when integrating these systems. Now our customers can quickly and seamlessly integrate their trading communities directly with their back-end systems. The combination of Covast and iWay’s solutions represent a comprehensive, best-in-breed option for companies looking for a rapid and inexpensive way to participate in true collaborative commerce with their business partners.”

“Covast has great technology for integrating information systems quickly and cost-effectively, especially in the complex B2B and EDI arena,” said John Senor, President of iWay Software. “iWay reduces the time and cost of integration in complex back-office environments, so between the two companies integration can happen faster than ever before. We’re very happy to be a part of the Covast team.”

About iWay Software

iWay Software, an Information Builders company, is a market leader in middleware that accelerates business integration. With facilities to integrate systems in real time, near-real time, or on a scheduled basis, iWay provides a complete reusable infrastructure for EAI, B2B, e-commerce, and mobile business. iWay's experience with complex information systems led to the development of prepackaged Intelligent Adapters to connect to more than 140 packaged applications, transaction systems, legacy data, relational databases, and e-business formats, without writing custom code. iWay Software integration solutions significantly reduce the time, cost, effort, and risk of integration projects throughout the enterprise. For more information about iWay software, visit

About Covast

Covast simplifies the complexity of connecting, translating and sharing electronic documents with your customers and trading partners. Covast’s integration software provides secure and reliable connectivity to the Internet and to VANs. In addition, our solutions’ robust capabilities include the seamless translation of complex file formats and documents. Covast accelerates the migration from EDI and proprietary file formats, to new open standards such as XML. With European headquarters in the Netherlands and U.S. headquarters in Atlanta, Covast has strategic relationships with partners and customers including Microsoft, Compaq, ABN AMRO, ADC, KLM, and ING. For more information, visit

Trademarks: This press release refers to numerous products by their trade names. In most cases, their respective companies claim these designations as trademarks or registered trademarks

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