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Jean Barnes
Covast Corporation

Covast Announces Covast EDI Accelerator for
Microsoft BizTalk Server

Covast helps companies bridge the gap between EDI,
proprietary file formats and XML

ATLANTA – February 4, 2002– Covast Corporation, a provider of integration software that enables connectivity in weeks or even days, today announced a relationship with Microsoft Corp., which will enable businesses with large investments in EDI and other legacy and proprietary systems to more easily connect to Microsoft BizTalk Server. The Covast EDI Accelerator for Microsoft BizTalk Server complements the document transformation capabilities of Microsoft BizTalk Server and helps customers transform documents in any legacy format such as EDI X.12, EDIFACT and proprietary file formats, to and from XML, making a more simple connection to BizTalk Server.

Recent studies report that EDI is used by 80% of the Fortune 500 companies. Gartner, Inc. reports that enterprises previously concerned with security and performance issues when using the Internet for EDI, can now take advantage of mature transmission, technology and standards.*

“EDI is a technology used by many BizTalk Server customers, so we wanted to enhance our EDI support in order to ensure that the product addressed all of their EDI requirements,” said Eric Swift, lead product manager for BizTalk Server Adapter and Partner Strategy at Microsoft. “We decided to work with Covast because of its robust and proven transformation technology. Combining BizTalk Server with Covast EDI Accelerator for BizTalk Server, customers can have full support for their end-to-end EDI requirements, allowing them to more easily integrate their EDI infrastructures with internal applications and Internet-based trading partner relationships.”

Covast EDI Accelerator for BizTalk Server can receive EDI and other document formats from various protocol transports, including the Value Added Networks (VANs), and convert them to XML documents. Covast EDI Accelerator can also transform outbound XML documents into the desired format and send via VANs and other transport protocols.

“We are pleased to be the first company to work with Microsoft on an EDI Accelerator for BizTalk Server,” said Jim Norton, executive vice president and general manager at Covast. “Together with Microsoft, we can help companies rapidly integrate their supply chains regardless of systems or file structures. We can give customers the freedom to pursue new collaborative commerce opportunities while bridging the gap to their proprietary systems and file formats.”

About Covast
Covast simplifies the complexity of connecting, translating and sharing electronic documents with your customers and trading partners. Covast’s integration software provides secure and reliable connectivity to the Internet and to VANs. In addition, our solutions’ robust capabilities include the seamless translation of complex file formats and documents. Covast accelerates the migration from EDI and proprietary file formats, to new open standards such as XML. With European headquarters in the Netherlands and U.S. headquarters in Atlanta, Covast has strategic relationships with partners and customers including Microsoft, Compaq, ABN AMRO, ADC, KLM, and ING. For more information, visit

* Gartner Research Note “FAQ: Internet EDI – Benefits and Challenges,” F. Kenney, December 14, 2001.

Covast is a trademark of Covast Corporation. Other product or service names mentioned herein are the trademarks of their respective owners.

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