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The battle card explains the Covast value proposition, EDI, and how Covast can help to close more BizTalk Server sales:

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Documents describing aspects of the Microsoft Covast relationship and datasheets containing product information:

  • The MSFT Covast Partnership
  • Covast PoC Funding     Accelerator
  • EDI Accelerator Datasheet
  • Automotive Overview
  • Energy & Utility Overview
  • Energy & Utility Datasheets
  • Logistics & Distribution Overview
  • Manufacturing Overview
  • Retail Overview
  • B2B Suite for GXS Trading Grid

  • Wilfred Noppers
    Vice President of Sales

    +31 10 2351034


    Main Phone Number:
    +31 10 2351022

    Recording of BizTalk Server R2 and Covast go forward webinar

    Demo - B2B Suite for BizTalk - Enterprise

    Register for A Hybrid Approach to B2B Integration with Microsoft & Gartner October 25

    Recorded Webcast: Reduce B2B Costs and Speed Supply Chain Results Today

    Covast CTO's BizTalk Blog

    Map Accelerator for BizTalk Server (Flash introduction, 5 minutes)

    Recorded demo of Map Accelerator for BizTalk Server (Demo, 30 minutes)

    Testaments of how the combined solution of Microsoft BizTalk and the Covast EDI Accelerator is creating success stories for both Microsoft and Covast in various verticals:

  • Gasunie
  • Citrix
  • SMI Steel
  • House of Fraser
  • Oldcastle

  • The following slides are ready to use for pre-sales activities:

  • Slide deck for BizTalk
        Server R2 and Covast
        go forward webinar

  • Covast BDM slide deck

  • Covast TDM slide deck
  • These tools explain how to compete against certain specific pure EDI players or Integration Platform vendors:

  • Sterling Commerce

    This document will help you educate prospects on the benefits of Covast-BizTalk, the shortcomings of SAP XI and how Covast-BizTalk Server can either co-exist or replace SAP XI

  • SAP XI vs Covast
  • The following whitepapers are aimed at a technical audience:

    Covast B2B Suite for Automotive (Microsoft BizTalk Server) Technical White Paper

    Covast EDI Accelerator for Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006

    B2B Suite for GXS Trading Grid

    Covast Map Accelerator for Microsoft BizTalk Server

    Covast AS2 Adapter for Microsoft BizTalk Server

    Please check out the schedule below:

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